Taught by Thomas Valenti
Saturday & Sunday, October 10 & 11, 2009
10 am – 4 pm, one-hour lunch break

Registration fee: $300 Salmagundi Members, $350 for non-members.

Watercolor Workshop: Unlock the full potential of transparent watercolor painting in this highly informative and exciting workshop. Learn Tom Valenti’s self-taught method of working with tube-consistency paint– a sure-fire way of achieving effects not possible with “dried” cake pigments. Tom’s style of teaching is clear, concise, and always enjoyable. With a limited palette of 9 colors, students will be guided through very simple color theory, color mixing, and a complete system for mixing an infinite variety of grays using only primary colors. Demonstrations will utilize a landscape format painted in a representational manner as these have universal appeal.

Instructor: For more information about Thomas Valenti, please visit his website, www.thomasvalenti.com.

Sign up: To sign up, please call (212) 255-7740, or send an email to info@salmagundi.org.

Tom’s sample image:

Park's Fruit and Vegetables, 22x30 in, watercolor by Tom Valenti

Park's Fruit and Vegetables, 22x30 in, watercolor by Tom Valenti

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